Your school, ministry, or organization has the opportunity to make a 40% fundraising profit for your own needs.  Each $20 gift card sold will benefit you $8.


Friend-Raiser Steps
  1. Sell Card for $20 to family, friends, co-workers. 
  2. Use products or gift cards as the perfect gift for Birthdays, Baby Showers, Weddings, Christmas, a Thank-you, etc.
  3. Log-in Gift Card # (on the back of the card)
  4. Order your natural body and home care products.
  5. In order to enhance the opportunity for more purchases, there will be a $3 flat rate shipping fee.
  6.  Product will be shipped directly to the address provided by the customer.
  7. Feel good that you have truly made a difference for the world, for the poor, for your own bodies, for your organization!  It’s a win win win win!!!!

For more details please contact:

Marlene Pinel at (626) 579-3267 /